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Little Gems Speech Pathology Services

Assessme​nt and Treatment Options

Little Gems specialise in the assessment and treatment of children from 12 months to 10 years of age who may be experiencing difficulties with:

- Speech/ Articulation, e.g., unable to produce /s/ and/or produce /dun/ for 'sun'   ​ 

​- Expressive Language, e.g., use of non-verbal (gestures) and verbal (words/sentences) including   vocabulary and grammar 

- Receptive Language, i.e., understanding, comprehending, following directions

- Late Talkers, i.e., children that are not talking or have a small vocabulary   

- Fluency, e.g., stuttering

- Literacy, e.g., spelling and reading

- Phonological Awareness, e.g., rhyme, syllable and sound awareness

- Social Language, e.g., turn-taking, eye-contact, asking questions

- Feeding, i.e., Sequential Oral Sensory Approach





Please contact the clinic for a comprehensive list of current fees.


Rebates and Funding Packages

For some children, rebates and/or funding packages may be available to assist with the cost of speech pathology assessment and/or therapy. For further information visit the Speech Pathology Australia website at:

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